Well that’s gonna make it difficult to get your tickets!  Let’s check a couple simple solutions.

First; go to www.1iota.com, and click the Log In/Sign Up link in the top right corner.

When you signed up - did you use Facebook or Twitter?  If so, be sure that when you click “Log In”, you then simply click the Facebook or Twitter button.  Do not try to enter your email and password, because your account doesn’t recognize that information.

When you signed up - did you use your email address?  If so, be sure you are entering it and your password, and not attempting to use Facebook or Twitter to login.  

Are you accidentally putting a space before or after your email address?  It sounds silly, but sometimes people do it.  That will prevent you from being able to login.

Do you remember your password?  If you think you may have a problem there, click on “Reset Password” and we’ll send you a new one!  Here is more information on how to reset your password.


If you're being told you aren't authorized to access this portal, and to contact the helpdesk administrator, it's because you're trying to sign in to THIS website, our FAQ website, NOT the ticketing site.  Make sure you're attempting to log in at: www.1iota.com

Ok…hopefully you can get logged in now.  If not, let us know!