We typically begin approving tickets two weeks before a taping.  It can be earlier, it can be later, but that's the general time.  We don't unfortunately have a way of knowing where you are on the waitlist.  Ticket approvals usually continue up until around 24 hours before an event.  You are alerted via email if your tickets become available.  Ticket requests are processed in the order they are received, based on production's needs.

It's possible that the show will fill up before we can process your request.  We typically alert members 48 hours before if it is unlikely they will be receiving tickets.  We recommend never making travel arrangements based solely on free TV show tickets.

We approve tickets in batches, so once you get your available email, be sure to log in and reserve your tickets ASAP!  If you don't, others may beat you to it.  Once all tickets for a show have been claimed, even if your tickets show "Available," you won't be able to reserve them.

If this happens, you will need to wait until someone with reserved tickets declines them.  You aren't notified via email if they do, but the Confirm Tickets button will reappear in your My Tickets page.  Some members check back once or twice a day to their account, just to see if anything has changed.

You may notice that a show has sold out, but you haven't received an email advising you whether your tickets are available or not.  That is because some of those with reserved tickets will decline them as their plans change.  Think of it like waiting in line for a movie.  The theater may fill up before the movie starts, but we wouldn't want anyone to stop waiting in line until we knew for sure that we were full.  That's why we alert members 48 hours before the event that it looks unlikely they'll be getting tickets.

Remember!  Never make travel plans based on free tickets, or the hope of free tickets.